Monday, December 15, 2003

I'm glad to see that you got both my emails from Chonchi. The computer was an old 166 and kept hanging when I tried to send anything. I had a lovely few days there and went out to the National Park. No sundews but I discovered the Tepual forest which was very magical, mostly tepu trees which are very twisty with lots of moss and ferns.

I drove up the coast of Chiloe yesterday and through the Dalcahue Sunday market where the craftswomen were making and selling baskets and woolly things (jumpers hats scarves etc). Over to the mainland on the ferry I saw more penguins and pelicans.

The rain lashed down and I was very glad to arrive here in Puerto Varas and get into to a nice warm hostel. The Chileans don't seem so keen on heating so it was good to find somewhere with a fire on! This morning the sun is out and though I can't see the two volcanoes over the lake I think it will stay good for a few hours. I shall be back in Puerto varas with Mum, Dad and Dougal in a weeks time!