Thursday, December 04, 2003

Yesterday I drove from Pucon over to the waterfalls at Huilo Huilo (weelo weelo) along some of the worst roads I have seen yet - lots of obstacles to swerve road in 1st gear!! It would have been one of the roads I should have cycled and I think that it would have been easier on T! The waterfall was really impressive - in fact there were two and I had them all to myself! Great torrents of water being squeezed through tiny holes so there was lots of noisy and spray.

I´m now staying in Airesbuenos hostel in Valdivia. They have an orchestra staying so had no rooms left. They rang several other places for me too but still no luck . Eventually I got the ´dungeon´in the cellar - it has no windows but the bed is very comfy!!! The weather has broken and it is decidedly chilly and wet! My forehead is peeling where I got sunburnt in Conguillio!


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