Thursday, November 27, 2003

Well I made it and I can´t believe the weather - its glorious sunshine and about 20C! Sorry to rub in that its summer here!! Toulouse made it through the bowls of all the aeroplanes in one piece and I was greatly releaved to see him in Temuco. I had a very friendly policeman guarding him while I put him back together and got some info on where to stay in Temuco. (Juan will look after all my packing until I return to Temuco in Feb). I opted for Casa de Juanita (which even has its own website!) at 10000peso (about 10pounds) per night, which I thought was pretty good. The room is very spacious and I get breakfast too. Juanita herself is very friendly and can just about understand my terrible Spanish. The local accent is quite peculiar and I´m having a few problems!! Walking about today (Thursday) I recon I am staying in the better part of town as the area near the station has lots of hospedajes (hostels) but seems to be very noisy. There is a fabulous market selling buckets of veg - including at least 5 types of chilli pepper and loads of garlic and coriander. There are lots of flowers too. I have seem my first nalca (gunnera chilensis) growing in someones front garden - it was enormous, nearly blocking the door. Its quite dry here so I´m quite surprised to see it but it does rain a lot too. I shall leave tomorrow to go west to the coast - hope the weather stays fine and I´ll be breezing along!

Thank you all for you good luck wishes

I´ll write when I next find an internet cafe (probably Valdivia in about a week)


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