Friday, January 09, 2004

The last few days have been great fun. I spent a day in Temuco again and finally said goodbye to Juanita. I timed my arrival at the airport in Temuco a little late and had to dismantle Toulouse in double quick time. Luckily I had befriended the policeman, Juan, at the airport and with his help I managed to check in to the flight only 20min before it left!!

In Santiago I met up with Mum, Dad and Dougal again and we went just a couple of hours south to the wine region for a spot of tasting for two days. We visited five vineyards in total - having a red and a white in each. But one was head and shoulders above the rest - Anakena, who sell to Britain. The carmenere had a wonderful smokey flavour (much like Ardbeg whiskey!).

The landscape is so totally different up here in comparison to the south. The bare hills and cacti covered hills with fertile plains between growing lots of fruit are a strark contrast to the verdent green pastures and mountains. And the temperature! Its at least 30 degrees and I´m boiled!!!

Tomorrow will be my last full day in Chile. (Sunday doesn´t count as I shall be in the airport only). I´m planning on going to the Museum of Pre-colombian art in the centre of Santiago, which is supposed to be excellent.